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Are you passion about Zambian music? Did run into a Zambian music celebrity? Or maybe you just have another story related to Zambian music. Share your views and thoughts with us.

Our article submission guidelines are as follows:

(1) You can write just about anything as long as it relates to music in general e.g. tips, mastering tutorials, etc.For Zambians specifically,you can even write about other Zambian topics, which will be published on the “blog” page in the order they come in.The other articles will be published under the “latest posts” page.

(2) All articles should be original and not copied from any other source on the internet or from copyrighted material.

(3) Apart from being original, your articles should and must be credible as well as verifiable if they are to be considered for publication.

(4) All authors are only allowed two (2) articles per week.

(5) And a maximum of two (2) outbound links as well are allowed for those having social media accounts and other external publications.

(6) We only accept “500 words or more” articles.Anything less than 500 words will be rejected.

(7) Errotic material is strictly prohibited.

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(9) Remember to write great content, something unique. and worthy to read about.

(10) Also be reminded that once you submit your article to us, you should not submit it anywhere else apart from us