Submit Content

Allowed mediums for submitting content are as follows:

(1) Music and Video Downloads
Instead of the traditional way of uploading musical content on most music sites,we do not allow music uploads on our site server but instead submitting your download url from an external file managemen site like (4shared, facebook, google drive, youtbe etc)
with all details provided in the form of a microsoft word document.

(2) Blog guest Posts and Music Profiles
Guest posts shall be submitted in Microsoft Word format as well, with all pictures and links properly placed.

currently available forms of music/video uploads

(a) latest music :
(1) website (listed on web server alone)
(2) Website and Zed Billboard (listed on webserver, and also included in our weekly Zed Billboard Facebook promotion post including twitter and linkedin feeds)

(b) Hot music:
(1) website (listed on web server alone)

(c) Music Videos:
(1) website (listed on web server alone)

How to submit your content:

(a) music and video downloads
*To begin with music and video downloads are altogether categorized in three (3) sections:

(a) latest music (for newly released)
(b) hot music (old or new)
(c) music video (old or new)


(1) check and review our priccing page and terms of conditions page then after selecting your package:

(2) after fully clearly understanding the two (2) “terms” of service, contact us on the contact us page by;

(a) enquirng if your package is available then;
(b) If available providing details of your bank transaction details (receipts and deposit slips) as led out by the pricing page then;
(c) providing us the information/details of your track/music video in the forn of a microsoft word document including and not forgetting if neccessary:
(e)adding your cover photo

(3) then your tracks wil be listed on our website and/or facebook as soon as we comfirm receipt of your payment and a confirmation message sent to your email address.