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mwashibukeni: we arex purely a zambian music blog with all types of local music including kalindula, traditional, rhumba, gospel, hip-hop etc, accross the country in as far as popularity and ranking are concerned. Our goal is to create a community where artists, music producers and listeners can connect and discuss the latest music/content and trends coming from across zambia and diaspora.This also includes one for the zed hip-hop head who makes no compromise when it comes to his/her love for hip hop.

With it’s simple and clean layout, the site offers weekly album and track rankings, local music & hip-hop news, and visitors are also able to join our Zed Music Fan Club Community to share opinions and ideas with others.On the other hand, though obsessed with the latests local music trends and popularity on and off social media and the internet as a whole, the site also allows for visitors to submit their latest music tracks for listing; in a bid to promote fair competition in the industry and to promote undergroud musicians as well.


publications: our our publication is mainly done fon major social media platforms including; facebook, twitter,   youtube instagram, soundcoud, mixcloud, linkedin etc, and of course our official Website to our active Zambian audience and entertainment lovers.”Our dream of having Zambia entertaiment on the global map is what drives us to do what we do best”.


-In depth Info about your favorite albums, artists and tracks.

-Reviews of forthcoming and classic albums including latest releases.

-Ratings and chosen/recommended albums and songs within an artist’s discography or songs on an album.

-Editor’s picks of the albums our staff think deserve to be ‘right up there”  with the best.

-Music samples and download/streaming links to listen to the best music.

-Personalized recommendations of albums that match our audience’s tastes.


quick summary of terms and conditions: the views and opinions expressed by the writers and contributors to this site are not specifically endorsed by zambian music ranks  or Zoa Services and do not necessarily reflect the views of our sponsors or partner sites. Use of this site assumes acceptance of our full terms and conditions.Also Please note that the work published here belongs to Zambian Music Ranks.Do not attempt to copy, duplicate or re-publish our work without our expres or written permission.

If you are a journalist, camera man or artist and think our use of your copy and/or images has infringed your rights in any way, then please get in touch with us and we will rectify any issues arised as soon as is possible.


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