Struggling to sing along/follow through with the words when listening to your favourite zambian music tracks? Don’t worry. With the help of our fellow Zed music fans like yourself, we’ve managed to compile an ever growing list of the hottests lyrics in the copper blessed country. Feel free to go through our list and select your favourite lyrics by clicking on their caption. Also feel free to contribute to this free precious list for free, as well as get a free credit for it, and make every Zed Music fan feel free, and lucky good to sing, their favourite Zambian music song like a kid, hiding In their sheets, after keeping it “zee”, like a “joe sacka” in a tree, before thier miming skill could flee, like when a fly zips, away and rebells entry to a zipped it for “ba sweety” rancid mouth pit, yawning ati “ifwe ni zee” (haha, rhyme by Michael Sikalenje) , by heading over to our write for us page and following the instructions.