“We exist to start the conversation on Zambian music and provide a reliable source for all, that Zambians and citizens of the world need to know”.

From the get go, Zambian Music Blog ( Zed Billboard/zambian music ranks) set out to be the premier online source of Zambian music ranking charts, latest mp3 songs, hot songs, lyrics, Zed gospel, videos, reviews, events/gigs, music downloads etc– a pioneering voice in the local music landscape.

Operating under Zoa Services Ltd, our primary belief lies in the fact that Zambian music is special and that it
deserves to be celebrated.

While many music platforms exist in the Zambian online space, none fill the gap which Zed Billboard exists to enhance competition and the quality of music locally.

Expect to find Top 10 charts, Best Latest Zambian music selections, Zed Gospel music charts, as well as well as blog and guest posts related to local music (in a bid to engage in a conversation on Zambian music).

Since our inception in April of 2017, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing a space for new artists to get the recognition they deserve as they begin to add to our illustrious music cannon. We continue pursuing this with all our effort as a main focus to this day.

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