​The topic of foreign music like the hiphop,R & B, rap, jazz Reggae, Rock & Roll, etc in Zambia has been a welcome subject, while some believe it has made a massive and unappealing change in the life of the youths, insisting it’s slowly but surely wiping out the Zanbian culture coupled with the perception that the whole world is emulating the US in a lot of ways, and Zambia is no exception.

It is a known fact that in the 21st century, young Zambians frequently list musicians like 2pac and other foreign artist as their favorite artist.Western musics has provided a blueprint for the rest of the world to appropriate and builld new cultural formations that manifest In music and identity. Yet, the theme of katty perry’s “dark horses” is an apt description for the complexity of the relationship between African American culture and Zambian youth identity, which also impacts Zambian popular music.


The foreign music culture has affected the way many young people and even the elderly see themselves in Zambia. Many female contemporary musicians want to be like Beyonce, kat deluna,Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Nicky Minaj, etc. They put on skinny or skimpy clothes that expose all their natural endowments, ignoring the kind of society they belong. They move around in shorts that could pass as underwear for men.Their male counterparts put on clothes that don’t correspond with the weather just because they want to appear cool lol. Still, to some extent, the personal style of Zambian music artists is quite distinct. For example, macky 2, who is known for wearing chitenge suits, has endeared fans all over africa with his notorious look. On the other hand, afunika from the eastern cultural setting, usually has a mix of western and local outlook in his dressing and this goes a long way to influence the lifestyle of their fans. Many Zambian artists, as mentioned earlier, strive to be like foreign entertainers, at the expense of their own cultural values and modes of expression. When they write lyrics, they are usually comprised of words and expressions quite alien to the conservative and peaceful society they belong and to their actual or real personalities themselves” though usually in vernacular.

the macky2 in the industry

Character Faking and Behaviour

For instance, macky 2, a libra born on october 10 , has branded himself to be this violent guy from the copperbelt, when in actual fact the guy doesnt even know the taste of beer and is a peopl  pleasing zodiac  sign by nature.

Slap d, a bull by nature (or taurus) inciting beef in the local music industry and divinity between lusaka and kopala cities and other cities that follow suit, when in actual fact slap d is a peacefull loving guy (who for the love of money, beulty, and love itself is willing to blow half of his bank account for the sake of romance on his loved one though there have been stories of him being fathered by a girl for being broke the other time ) as suggested by his zodiac sign.

the real macky2

​This is seriously impacting on our youths and teenagers in our society today who are following these guys blindly and yet these guys are not even anything close to an Aries or Scopio personality (widely regarded as the most violent signs especially the former), and are in fact just trying to make “fake beef” in the industry in order to make money and fame out of it; creating a bad influence for the innocent younger and older generation of youths, which they naturally arent concerned with themselves. (Simalar to west coast vs east coast beef by tupac and BIG.)

With Aries or Ram personality (God of war e.g undertaker, randy orton, sergio ramos etc) personality the only competitive and agressive sign naturally, and macky2 being libra (social and fame) and slap the bull (money and romance), the motive here is quite clear; use the industry to gain wealth and fame. Hence it comes at no suprise to me that many youths growing up today have adopted a similar kind of violent approach blindly, and applied it to real life with serious consequences associated.

Alcohol and Cigerrette

Glorifcation of alcohol and cigerrette consumption in local lyrical and video content have also contribited to the increase of beer consumption overall. A great exanple is the song “amarula” by roberto, another Zambian musician in the same bracket. Hence causing substance abuse, health conplications, unnecessary “vundu” and even theft among most of the Zambian youths today


Zambian music has also led to an increase in prostitution as well, by displaying sexually inticing images and videos in most visual media. Almost all of these media have no pg (parental guidance limit) limit and even 7 year boys are already getting exposed to what is so called “soft porn” on local tv for free, without even trying to do so by other means.Half naked girls are the order of the day in music videos and the direct lyrical content being put out by songs like “chilrpule baby”are creating a new era of “Zambian mordern sex culture”, thereby shaping the young society and influencing youths on how to go about sex life in zambia today even before parents get involved. Just the other day I found two grade six pupils performing “ma dance yana salako” in the school backyard in underwrar while singing at the top of their voices.


This is quite an obvious one with “muzo aka alphinso” a great example. Thanks to him and co, Coppetbelt youths, where I reside from are displaying the same kind of savagery and barbaric language exhibited in his kind of music, though many other areas have also been affected with respect for women in general being a topic that needs to be adressed seriously. especially in the combonic or shanty compounds where alnost half of them are aspiring to be musicians themselves instead of concetrating on school.

davaos explicit dressing

cleo sexy queen


Though the previous point in some wa favors the weaker sex have a role to play in that they are actualy also aggrevating the situation by emulating certain provacative dressing styles like the one seen   above Artists like davanos are comming on stage almost have naked and younger ones aspiring to be like them are following suit believing that thats the mordern lifestyle or classic way to dress in order to be admired in society. This needs to be adressed soon enough before all our traditional values and morals are wiped out entirely.